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still on the loose, police are concerned about the mental state and they're continuing their search. on the ground and in the air. police were in force searching for a man wielding a hammer and a gun who attacked a mobile photo waiter vehicle shutting down i-95 near bw airport. >> and the unit shut down a major highway. seems like a lot of leave kill to me. >> reporter: this started around 11:30 on wednesday when this jeep, which is contracted by maryland's highway authority, was parked in a construction site on 295 north near the bwi national airport and the maryland state police spokesperson said the worker inside some realized he was not alone. >> he said the individual went
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to the rear window of the jeep and began tapping on it with a shotgun. the witness was obviously frightened at that point and began blowing his horn. he said the individual came around to the front of the truck and began striking the front windshield with the hammer. >> reporter: the police describe the suspect as a white man, about 60 years old and wearing jeans and a flapel shirt. the highway worker was not injured in that attack while the suspect appeared to be carrying a rifle and no shots were fired. >> and he said the suspect was yelling, incoherently and he could not determine what was being said and then win minutes, the individual, he said, walked back into the wooded area. >> reporter: the suspect closed down 295 between the airport and the baltimore beltway for much of the afternoon. police say they searched the buildings in the industrial parks near where the incident
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took place and were unable to locate the suspect. and at tee:00 in the afternoon, the -- at 3:00 in the afternoon, the all-clear was given and 295 was back open. the search continues. the maryland state police won't comment on a possible motive in this case and whether or not they seized any threats against the state mobile highway radar trucks. there was a report earlier that police had inspected a van for the bumper stickers. coming to america. police would not elaborate if that had anything to do with what happened on this highway today. >> and you mentioned the search continues. have police given an indication of where they plan to search now? it's a random location where this happened. >> and clearly what they did is to concentrate around the area. it's a wooded area and there are some industrial park offices nearby and that did not produce anything.
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what they're moving it to now is basically going up and down the corridor here and it had a police helicopter as you saw in the report for most of today and we don't see any evidence of that now. whatever they're doing, they're doing on the ground right now. >> tom fitzgerald, thank you so much. >> a virginia mother is out on bond after being charged with the death of her son. the police say she left him in a hot minivan all day. ken must have beeny is charged with -- ken murray is charged with with two counts of murder and child neglect. that is murphy in between the two men here walking into court today. she left the son in the mini van all day whole at work in june and didn't realize she left him in the van until her husband called her from day care that evening and told her that ryan was not there. she went to check the van and found the toddler unresponsive and strapped in his car seat still. >> i am surprised that the prosecutor elected to bring the charges literally win two weeks of the child. the family hasn't had a chance
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to mourn. we'll do everything we can legally to cop this family together and the prosecutor and the legal system from tearing this family a part because of, obviously, what was a very tragic accident. >> prince williams commonwealth attorney said the death was probably an accident and he charged muffy because this is no-- murphy because this is not the first time show left him in the van. she left him in the van for 20 minutes in january. >> after a not-guilty murder verdict for casey anthony, emotions are exploding in florida tonight. the police are protecting the parent's home after receiving death threats. tomorrow, anthony will learn whether she spends more time in jail for the misdemeanor convict. the judge could release her with time served. none of the 12 jurors spoke about the case and one alternate is talking. >> reporter: after a long six weeks, 51-year-old russell was thrilled to come back to the st. petersburg home. >> the next few weeks.
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>> reporter: as an alternate, he said he was not surprised by the not guilty verdict that his fellow jurors handed down to casey anthony. the biggest reason is the testimony of casey's father, george anthony. >> if you remember how they buried their pets, you know, george conveniently forgot a lot of things. you would -- i would remember how i buried my pet. the prosecution didn't meet the burden of proof. we had a lot of reasonable doubt there and -- there was -- they didn't show us the evidence. you know, good enough for a conviction. >> reporter: the public school teacher said the lies that casey told and the testimony by family members leaves him to believe that the anthony family is dysfunctional. as the juror who sat closest to casey during the child, he believes the emotions the defendant showed were true. >> there were times when she would look just staringly, no, blank, excuse me and other times when they were talking
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about caylee's death, and you use the word curious there. i could tell she was hurting inside and other times -- for years and let's get this over with. >> reporter: the alternate juror was surprised by the media attention paid to the trial and is trying to adjust to the crush of phone calls he received since leaving orlando. he's ready to put his services as a juror on the host high- profile case in central florida history behind him. >> a weekinal, i'm getting to know my wife again. the army psychiatrist charged with the deadly shooting rampage at fort hood will face the death penalty. the commanding general for the military post made the announcement today. major hassad was charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder in the november tape attack. the attorney argued that the general not seek the death penalty. arguing the cases are more expensive, time consuming and restrictive. the lawyer declined to say if
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he's considering an insanity defense and the son is paralyzed from the waste dine an of -- waste down after the son shot him. >> the white house is taking away some of the stigma from military members. the obama administration will send condolence letters to the families of u.s. service members that take their own lives. it's part of an effort including expanding mental health support to make sure all men and women in uniform get the care they need. amy from the tragedy assistant program for survivors johns us with reaction with the president's decision to send the condolence letters to families of u.s. members to commit suicide. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for having us. >> for viewers not familiar with your organization, what is ta -- t.a.p.s.? >> it provides cold front and care to anyone grieving a death of someone who served in the armed services. >> president obama did not make this decision lottery today. let me read this quote. he said these americans served our nation bravely.
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they didn't die because they were -- and they didn't get the help they needed. they have bourne the incredible burden of our wars and we need to doing we can in our power to help them stay strong for themselves, their families and our nation. what does this about-face mean for military families with loved ones who took their own lives? we're hear to -- to hear the policy change from the white house and applaud it. we think it's a step in the right direction and to provide condolence letters for those who died serving. >> we heard the president say more needs to be done to help the war vets coming home after experiencing god knows what. what else do you think the military or government needs to be doing? >> we believe strongly in wrap around care. there is a whole community of support involved like the first lady joining the initiative is reaching out all over the country to people involving and supporting the military families, and we're part of that initiative. this is so much the communities can do to show support for
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veterans and military families. >> have you been able to talk to families who might be on the receiving end of this, too and who in the past didn't receive the condolence letter? what are they telling you? >> i heard from many families that they're teared by it, although the policy change does affect what is going forward, it won't affect them behind. if they die by suicide while at home, the family won't be receiving letters and that is about 2/3 of suicides in the military. while you're applauding the policy change, do you ththe fir ask it go far enough? what else do you want to see? >> we would like to see a policy where all families who lost a loved one who served in the military receive a let rear from the commander in chief with condolences. we think it's a first step and does open the door for a more open policy about that and that
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honors the service and sacrifice of all j. and amy from t.a.p.s., we put a link to your website at our website, and for families watching there who lost a military loved one and can go there for the support they need. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much for having us. he was destined for the baseball hall of fame. rodger clemons is one step closer to a criminal trial. we're live with that and could this be the next terror threat? 's new warning from homeland security about where attackers might be heeding the bombs. we have everything -- hiding the bombs. everything you need to know before you fly. >> keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 will be right back. 
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>> jury selection in the perjury trial of roger clemens got underway at the federal courthouse in the district. he's accused of lying to congress about his leonard colemaned use of performance- enhancing drugs. clemons swore under oath in tate tate that he never used steroids or human growth hormones but the government believes otherwise and fox 5s paul wagner joins us live with the story. paul? jy the prosecution and defense are hoping to find 12 open- minded jurors and four lets -- alternates who will listen to testimony over the next four to six weeks and they're being picked from the pool of 125 d.c. residents who all filled
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out lengthy questionnaires on baseball, steroids, congress and rodger clemons. roger clemens arrived at the u.s. courthouse for what is the major showdown for the pitching great and the former trainer. >> how are you feel something. >> reporter: clemons who pitched for the boston red sox, the toronto blue jays, the yankos and houston astros over 23 seasons vociferously denied a 2007 report by former senator george mitchell, one of 86 players who used performance- enhancing drugs. when congress announced its own investigation, clemons volunteered to appear and chording to the indictment n a deposition in 2008, clemons said i or growth hormone. i am just making it as possibly clear as i can and i haven't done steroids or growth hormones. later in testimony before the house government reform committee, he repeated the claim. >> let mebe clear: i have never taken steroids or hgh.
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>> reporter: for a decade, mcnamy worked out intenseful with clemons and helped shape the rocket into one of the most powerful pitchers. he initially denied giving clemons drugs and admitted initially to federal agents he injected the seven-time cy young winner, keeping the used needles which will be key specific evidence in the trial and kimon -- clemons' legal team said mcnamy is a liar. clemons is facing six felony counts that could land him in prison. a potential witness list read to the jury pool connected with the four teams clemons played for during his career and the voire dire is taking place the rest of the week here until monday and some jurors were questioned for a lengthy time. i sat inside and watched some
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today and each side got to ask questions as well. >> i burp stad the potential witness list is who on i understand the potential witness list is a list of whose who? i have a list here, some of the people were told. the jury was told, actually, laura, these are people who could testify or their names will be heard within the crime and the confines of the child. the yanks general manager, bud selig, the commissioner of baseball, donald fear, the former head of the player's union, jason giambi, nobody lock, rafael palmero, sammy sosa, mike stanton and jose canseco who wrote the famous book called "juice." >> thank you very much. accused mob boss whitey bulger pleaded not guilty in court today and is charged in a racketeering indictment that links him to 19 murders.
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bulger is in federal court in boston after 16 years on the run and is accused of running a crime operation, shooting rivals and strangling a former mob member's guy. the government is warning travelers coming to the u.s. from overseas might be going through additional screening. the reason, the warning that terrorists might be planning to surgically insert explosives inside their bodies to try to take down planes. >> it's difficult to detect something. the best we can do, i think, is that there might be some residue on the hands or on the body to allow a sniffing dog to detect this. and the tsa said that there are no specific threats and placing explosives inside the body is not a new concept. and some should police be allowed to put a gps tracking device on your car without a warrant? the supreme court will consider
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that issue in the next session. and the case it will review is from here in the district. npd investigators used a gps device to track antoine jones, a night club owner suspected of running a reg. they got a conviction and it was overturned by the u.s. appeals court when ruled it could not be aboutoused since installed by the warrant. the lawyer is here with us tonight. thank you so much for being with us tonight. in your clients' case, the police used a machine that noted jones eslocation every 10 sections. and that lasted for six months. you said that that is putting a human being under a microscope and that is not right. why is it not right? >> there are two reasons, laura. first of all, we feel the 4th amendment prohibits the police from the warrantless installation of one of those intrucive vices or the preapproval of the magistrate
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or judge who,secondly, we peel the -- feel, the 4th amendment prohibits the police from the warrantless accumulation of information and destroying the information and of this nature and like data information in space and time and what happened -- happened, they had a warrant stalled the gps device and that is not owned by mr. jones but his wife. would that be comparable to running surveillance on someone or an officer that is following someone? he has no expectation of privacy, what the law said? >> and don't agree with that at all. the law said they can follow her in space and time and what they can't do is take a device
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that accumulates data and over time. >> they're plague devil's advocate here. doesn't that warrant police paying close tag to your movement to keep the public safe? what is hard to ask the police to do what they did here originally, get a warrant. you have to understand. the gps device is not a mere sense augustmeting a piece of machinery but a planning device. uh-huh. >> and what it does is surplants the human senses and beyond that, allows the police overtime to accumulate a massive amount of data and in mr. jones' case, over 3,000 information of data. they can survail you and me and whole groups of people. >> and that is one of the concerns among civil libber tearians, arguing they violate, like you said, the 4th amendment and there is a concern that the systems could get into the wrong hands. >> and i suppose that is true.
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we're concerned with law enforcement and the government. the 4th amendment was enacted for the reason. the framers wanted the citizens to be free of government arbitrary infusion and to be sure there is someone neutral to balance the citizens right with the law enforcement right to determine where that crime is committed. >> yeah. >> and to show probable -- probable cause to believe that. >> and they're concerned about this case. we'll be watching it and as you will be. touch for being with us tonight. >> thank you so much. in the uk, disturbing new details in the cell phone hacking scandal. the tabloid paper news of the world is under fire for allegations it tapped into the cell phone voice mail and manipulated messages. at first, the victims were believed to be celebrities and members of the royal family. we learned that the paper may have enter fored with a police investigation of a serial
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killer and for hacking into one of the victim's phones. and they call the hacking allegations demorage but admits the editor know keep her job. and that is definitely back. >> a look at the forecast is coming up next. and have you seen this video? this is a monster dust storm sweeping across arizona. dozens left without power and the airport was forced to shut down. we'll have the latest coming up next. 
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>> take a look at this incrediblevo here. this is showing a huge wall of sand into folks, arizona. it knocked out -- into phoenix, arizona. it knocked out power to 10,000 customers. meteorologists report the storm reached as high as two miles into the sky and appeared 50
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miles wide in some spots last night. >> and that looks like a movie. >> it does. and that is looks like 9/11. >> difficult to breathe in that, too. people are covering their mouths. really. and's big mess. >> and talk about the weather in our region. hot and humid today. >> yeah. >> and some clouds of our own. >> and some showers, talked about a few around sunrise and there were a couple of hours later coming in and technically, we had .06 of an inch of rain and that is not enough to make the streets wet. not much, the radar shows you the rain is to the south of us and if you're down in saint mary's city, maybe, i mean maybe you're getting touched by a shower and the larger picture shows you no doubt again tonight, the heaviest of the storm, rain and farther to the south and across i-95 for richmond and to petersburg.
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there is the evening forecast, isolated thunderstorms and very isolated. gets better towards the weekend. until then, we have rain. we'll talk about it. >> thank you. are you ready to fork over more cash? >> verizon is pulling the plug on the unlimited data plans. >> the latest wireless carrier to make a change. what will the move mean for your bill? and they're trying to stay competitive and relevant. facebook is launching a videochat service as of today but is this the gimmick to do the trick? we're taking this one to the experts coming up. lt
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>> a parentally unlimited has its limits, if you're a verizon wireless subscriber. starting tomorrow, new smartphone customers will have caps on how much data they will
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copsoup. will we end up paying more for our phone? melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: verizon said it placed the first tier cap at a level most customers won't hit, that is 2 giga beats a month. as more and more wireless companies get rid of theup limited data phones, it will be important for customers to understand how much more data they use. some verizon stores saw a rush of customers on wednesday. people trying to beat the deadline to purchase an unlimited data plan. >> i read in the "wall street journal" this is the last day of the existing contracts and i thought if i was going to do it, i had to do it today. >> reporter: verizon joins at&t in capping the data usage. the plans will start at $30 a month for 2 gigabytes. >> we think this could be harmful to consumers as prices go up and as they may not realize how much datay that using. >> reporter: consumer groups worry that customers who have no idea how much datay that using will end up with bill shock. >> we need carriers to provide
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more transparency with respect to what they're offering and what it means. >> reporter: how much is 2 gigabytes? at&t, which sells a 2-gig plan for $25 a month, said that is the equivalent of 10,000 texts and 1500 e-mails plus 4,000 web page views and 500 photo uploads and 200 minutes of youtube video streaming. tv shows and movies hog the most data and some can burn through your plan. according to ctia, the wireless soccer data usage is exploding. >> 2 1/2 years ago, the hottest- selling handset in the united states was a flip phone n. 2 1/2 years, we have gone from flip phones to smartphones and tablets and from more or less to basically zero applications and to over a million applications. >> reporter: carriers are figuring out the best way to regulate the traffic on the information superhighway. >> and there is more usage by the cures and there is not a
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lot of spectrum and that is an equation that concerns us. >> reporter: either way, it's up to customers to get smart about their smartphone data usage. >> some companies will alert customer when is they're close to the data limits and there are tools on the phone and online where customers can check the data uses and we'll have some up on the website. >> and this seems like it can be really, really confusing. consumers decide which plan is best for them? >> i have to sayness isy started looking into this, the information is better than it had been. one thing you can do is go online and read an smat of what a particular customer might use and it's's good idea idea to start with a conservative plan and also, if you have that wifi obligation, use that the when you can and avoid streaming a lot of video. >> good advice there. thank you, melanie alnwick. apple may have been bitten
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by a serious software bug. germany's federal i.t. security agency said the software that runs iphones, ipads and ipods have serious weaknesses. a simple infected pdf file would put malware there and leaving users vulnerable to identity theft. a spokesperson said he's aware of the governor's warning and wouldn't comment further. a huge announcement from facebook. y that launching a new video -- they're launching a new video chat feature and teaming up with skype on this and here's more on talk about this with us, you're an expert on this on going war between google and facebook andis ifbook is doing this to outdo google. >> reporter: exactly, google a few days ago, launched google plus and that is an attempt to take marketshare away from facebook and that is about dollars and talent.
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>> how will this work? >> it's going to be simple. whether you're chatting with someone, which, you know, you're im'g and they have kind of merged im'g and e-mailing and see you can did instant apeeous communication with individuals and -- instantaneous commune situation with individuals. you don't want to do that so you hit a button and chat with them. >> there is a group chat j. right. and a lot of us, we create groups and 50% of those on facebook have groups who participate in groups. what you can do is enter 's group and a group chat where multiple people can be involved in the same conversation. >> who would use something like this? is it corporations and meetings? you can use it grope globally, to. who is using that? the first thing i thought about, think about our troops overseas. okay? if you got family home and you want to see your daughter, that -- it would be perfect to be on
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facebook. you can see pictures and now, you can see them live. soy also think that business people will use it all the time. you don't have to fly and meet with someone. you can show something that you holding. there is a lot of business uses to it and if you want to talk to someone and just have a conversation, you're tired of typing, you hit the video chat. >> yeah. >> it's going to be easy. >> is this the wave of the future? >> it is and we're excited. >> let's talk about the war, the ongoing war between facebook and google. what does it do for both companies? first of all, the timing was interesting. google plus just launched and have a few users that have to have an invite. most of us don't have an invite to join google. this was planned after the launch to take the wind out of their sales. uh-huh. and this is an ongoing battle that started a log time ago when it got big and this is going to go on for years. it's about dollars and
5:37 pm
eyeballs. >> and technology expert das joins us on this. thank you very much. shape, back to you -- shawn, back to you. >> coming up, it's becoming a growing trend and what is on does the man in your life buy into the hype? next. 
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>> kids fighting cancer have more reason to hope for a cure tonight. georgetown university's lombardi comprehensive cancer center received a check for $50,000 from hyundai's hope on wheels campaign. they hope to celebrate with the children who have the courage to fight it. their annual tour allows those children to put a bright handprint on the car to make their mark on the event in the face of a disease that makes a
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pretty permanent mark on their lives j. most of the children do very, very well and then they have issues such as fertility or other challenges from the treatment that they have to deal with and so we're able to improve not just the survival from cancer, but also the quality of life afterwards. >> reporter: a portion of the moppy from each car is donated to the hope on wheels program and since the program began, the company donated $47 million to the fight against pediatric cancer. dr. scott migers frommer. >>town university may have had something to do with that today. winning a $40,000 scholarship by shooting free- throws was an amazing success for students from compton and los angeles. ellen guay announced he was giving all the winnings to the seven runners up in a competition. he has a full basketball
5:42 pm
scholarship to the university of california northridge in the fall and could have kept the money under ncaa rules. the students in the free-throw competition were selected for their academic success. pretty awesome he did that. >> and that is some great stuff. >> we know it's hot and hugh out there. uh. >> and could be in some storms tonight. >> and the full forecast is just ahead. >> first, here's lindsay. >> i'm lindsay murphy at the iceplex and one of the newest capitals return to his rots. we'll reintroduce you coming the kincaids live here.
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across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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>> the capitals have been one of the nhls most act of team this year. one is an old friend. and dave feldman is here with more. >> reporter: jeff halprin is a local guy and went to a school in new hampshire 230 to pursue hockey.
5:46 pm
six teams and 11 nhl teams later, he's back to where it began. >> reporter: renting a tuxedo, a couple hundred dollars, getting married, thousands of dollars, getting signed by your hometown capital while on your honeymoon, priceless and this is reality for jeff halpern. >> my wife was happy for me to hear the call in the background and it was exciting, always something i hoped would happen in my career and hope to come back and i think getting that call is an opportunity. >> malone, back of the goal and in front. halpern, buries it. >> reporter: he's 35 years ole and during his 12th season in the nhl. his life has come full circle. not only is he back near his hometown of potomac, maryland, but back with a team he spent seven seasons with. he has evolved and so has the capitals. >> it happened overnight.
5:47 pm
came back and all of a sudden, they had posters out and the crowd was unbelievable and notef city in the league -- and the product on the ice with the team has been great. >> reporter: the capitals have their vision for jeff halpern as the fourth line center. what about the role he sees for himself? >> and to be a solid player and to come in -- and with some systems. i know a lot of the guys. and able to see what they have done and that is blending in to add my two cents in and to blend in as much as i can. lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. >> halpern has a chance to do something with the calfs he's never done in his entire career, the that is to win a play-off series. >> and we would like to have that. >> and has a good chance to do
5:48 pm
it. the caps lost in the second round and won the series. he's got a good chance to win the series next year. >> and that is a goal close to winning. and glittering engagement rings, they're not just for brides to be anymore. the jewelry stores are trying to convince couples to spring for man gagement regs. some jewelers are seeing an increase in seas. the buyers include same-sex couples and women proposing to their boyfriends. i think it's's fabulous idea. i did that to my husband many means -- mons ago. >> did? >> i did. >> and he said you not ready for it and a month later he asked. >> you turned him down in the beginning. >> okay. and now you allen. >> and share it with everybody. congratulations, dave, i didn't
5:49 pm
realize you were getting engaged. >> no? and -- i thought we were particular irk. >> and we told him to watch the story. that is all. >> okay. and he opted out of the shop. you notice he's not on camera anymore? and talk about the weather. >> and come on, take it. grinning, blushing. and -- sprinted out of the studio. and he is still running and we know how to keep running into dave feldman, huh? how do you get rid of him? and this is some fare skies with the clouds and rain, too. i will show you where that happened. this afternoon and this evening, most of that is to the south and saint mary's city, perhaps, you're probably getting light shower there and most is to the south, fredericksburg is dry.
5:50 pm
dale city is dry and in town, we're dry and that is always good. the nexty to days, as nothing has changed here from the forecast yesterday, 93 tomorrow and it looks like tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, with the cold front worrying -- working in our direction, a good cover an of showers and thunderstorms and some strong thunderstorms, too. plent of sunshine tomorrow, and that is going to be a very issue very unstable atmosphere tell afternoon and that is going to be muggy, too. watch out for the thors late in the afternoon and evening and some more clouds on friday, 85 degrees and some of you may only be in the lower 80s, depending on the amount of cloud cover and we'll still have some showers and thunderstorms on friday and don't think they're going to be as strong. it's potentially what week have for tomorrow and on saturday. the weekend looks real, real nice and we may have a couple of showers east of us on saturday morning and that is looks like lots of sunshine on
5:51 pm
saturday and in for sunday. the mugginess doesn't disappear, it looks like at least it's not going to be as muggy and perhaps as we have been today and what we're going to be tomorrow. in terms of how much rain, i think we're unsettled the next few days, anywhere between one and two inches from i-95 and back to the west. and there is that transitional area and this is off of 64 and to virginia beach and the southern sections of maryland and even central and nowhere sections of virginia and that is looking look where we get the storms, especially tomorrow and talking about a potential of very, very heavy rain and outside of the areas, you get under one of the thunderstorms perhaps tomorrow and into friday, you could quickly pick up a couple of inches of rain and we're just anying to have some available moisture in the atmosphere. expect that tomorrow and into friday. 85 here in up to. we have been trying to play catch up with the temperatures all day long and since we had
5:52 pm
the clouds this morning. the heat index is steamy and feels like in degrees outside. this is where the storms are though and if we pick up the animation in the beginning, notice the showers coming up from the southwest and moving up across the metro, less than a 10th of an each of rain at reagan and that was not a lot of rain, have an though it looks ominous on that radar projection. tomorrow's forecast, starting off warm and overnight tonight into the mid-70s in up to and there could be a few spot -- in town and there could be a few spots out there, and too and starting off tomorrow with sunshine and very, very mile. 89 to 90 at noon and some strong thunderstorms possible tomorrow afternoon and with some temperatures into the lower 90s and that is going to be muggy, too. muggy today and tomorrow, still a little bit muggy on friday and the weekend will hold out for a drier and cooler with temperatures in the upper 80s and 90.
5:53 pm
>> thank you very much. >> you bet. >> and a lot of excitement for a sporting, haven't but an ancient ritual. all of these people, take a look, that came to see the dalai lama celebrate the colored chokra for world peace meant to inspire harmeaneous relationships and peace around the world. it celebrates the 76th birthday of the dalai lama although he doesn't think that is important. in our tradition, we consider the -- is more important than the birthday. >> today is the first day of the 11-day event. >> and prince william and his bride are not in california yet but press are keeping a close eye on the paparazzi. they're concerned the photographers may get crazy. it's's touchy situation, since prince william' mother died in a crash while being pursued n. california, photographers who drive aggressively to get a
5:54 pm
celebrity can get up to six months in jail and a $2,500 fine. >> one u2 fan got more than he dreamed of on saturday. hended up on stage with u2 and left with a one-of-a-kind souvenir. >> for the entire concert in nashville, he held up a signed that said blind guitarist, bring me up. after the encore, bono did that and cowed adam up. the fanned lifted him up over the barrier and bopo led him to where he needed to stand and helped him get the guitar on and then he played the song he and his wife danced to at their wedding, all i want is you. ♪ ♪ i took the guitar off and handed it to him and he turned and he said i want to you have my guitar. i said no, are you serious? >> amazing. adam calls this the greatest experience of all time. that is incredible.
5:55 pm
moving. >> puts tears in my eyes. >> yeah. and president obama holds a twitter up to hall as lawmakers grapple over who what to do with the nation's debt. battle lines are drawn on capitol hill. and it could have a minor impact on the plan to build an underground metro station at dulles airport. at 6, why one county is threatenning to pull out of the project altogether. and it's the talking of the day. an army officer accused of breaking into an adult video store and he was not found alone. we'll explain on the news edge. consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
5:56 pm
they want to know more about how they were raised, what they were fed. we spend a lot of time on the feed because a chicken is what it eats. [ jim ] this seal verifies we feed my fresh all-natural chickens an all-vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds. we actually ask the usda to come check us. we have never fed steroids or hormones and never will. no blood meal, no meat and bone meal. yuck. no animal by-products. it means when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from.
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5:58 pm
more breast cancer patients might be receiving radiation treatment than previously thought and the natural cancer institute tracks the breast cancer trips. researchers looked at patients in detroit and los angeles and found that 20% of them who had
5:59 pm
received radiation were not listed in the registry. authors say if the data is not accurate, researchers don't know if resources to improve cancer care are being used prom. and thanks for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 with shawn yancy starts right now. a massive manhunt, a major artery shut down. intense forces launched after an armed man attacks a camera. and a family torn a part by a tragic accident. why a mother is facing charges in the death of her own child. and an army officer accused of breaking into an adult video store. it until we -- wait until you hear what he allegedly did inside. >> opposition could immediately a underground metro station is growing. members of the loudoun county board of supervisors expressed reservation says about a compromised plan that is supposed to

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